• WEITE FANUC NEWS 2023-11-20

    WEITE FANUC NEWS 2023-11-20

    Analysis of the Impact of RMB Appreciation on Foreign TradeI. IntroductionIn recent years, with the rapid development of China’s economy and the continuous improvement of its degree of opening up, RMB
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  • WEITE FANUC NEWS 2023-09-05

    WEITE FANUC NEWS 2023-09-05

    1. Germany’s commodity exports decreased by 0.9% month on month in JulyAccording to the latest data released by the German Federal Bureau of Statistics on September 4th local time, after adjusting for
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  • WEITE FANUC NEWS 2023-08-21

    WEITE FANUC NEWS 2023-08-21

    1. American fashion companies will reduce imports from China, and this country may surpass Vietnam or become the biggest winner!According to recent data released by the World Trade Organization (WTO),
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  • FANUCʼs Production Reaches 5 Million

    FANUCʼs Production Reaches 5 Million

    FANUCʼs Production Reaches 5 MillionFANUC started developing NCs in 1955, and from this time on, FANUC has been consistently pursuing factory automation. Since producing the first unit in 1958, FANUC
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  • WEITE FANUC NEWS 2023-08-15

    WEITE FANUC NEWS 2023-08-15

    1. China surpasses Greece to become the world’s largest shipownerFor a long time, Greece, with many well-known ship kings and shipowner companies, has been the world’s largest shipowner country. Accor
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    FANUC is a professional CNC system manufacturer in the world. Compared with other enterprises, industrial robots are unique in that the process control is more convenient, the base size of the same ty
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  • WEITE FANUC NEWS 2023-08-01

    WEITE FANUC NEWS 2023-08-01

    1. Exports fell for five consecutive months, and 40,000 factories in Vietnam’s textile industry stopped workingVietnam’s exports fell for five consecutive months in July, the longest decline in 14 yea
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  • WEITE Fanucsupplier

    WEITE Fanucsupplier

    Hangzhou Weite CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the distribution of FANUC products, including FANUC control, FANUC system, FANUC drive, and other related hardware. Our company was
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  • WEITE FANUC NEWS 2023-07-24

    WEITE FANUC NEWS 2023-07-24

    1. The report shows that there are nearly 5 billion global social network usersAccording to quarterly internet statistics reports, nearly 5 billion people (4.88 billion) are active on social networks,
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  • Professional fanuc equipment manufacturer

    Professional fanuc equipment manufacturer

    1. Maximizing Your Manufacturing Efficiency with Fanuc System and Drive: A Comprehensive Guide to Fanuc Amplifiers, CNC Control, and Parts2. The Importance of Reliable Fanuc Products in Industrial Aut
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  • WEITE FANUC NEWS 2023-07-17

    WEITE FANUC NEWS 2023-07-17

    1. CEO of the US chip giants or persuading Biden to abandon export restrictionsA person familiar with the matter said that in order to prevent the US government from imposing new restrictions on chip
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  • Почему стоит выбрать децив с ЧПУ weite

    Почему стоит выбрать децив с ЧПУ weite

    Почему стоит выбрать децив с ЧПУ weite1.Богатые категории продуктов и могут обеспечить единую покупку винтиков2.Профессиональная технология для производства полного процессаУ нас много складов, в том
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